Some thoughts on the provided lens
I'm totally impressed by this tiny little lens. It totally exceeds my expectations. The image quality is absolutely superb. It is sharp straight on from f1.8 which is really impressing. I tested the lens during a night shooting on last Thursday - a rather hard high iso test scenario. I only used Eye AF-C on my Sony A7III, which worked flawlessly. Sometimes the camera got confused by the fairy lights, which I would consider as absolutely normal. The Sony 85mm 1.8 FE I also used was much worse. Some scenes where heavily backlit - no flares, ho haze - great! The overall contrast is really high and reminds me on the Sigma ART Series. (higher contrast than Samyang 35mm 1.4 FE) The Bokeh is pleasing and has character with a nice cinematic look.
 The external build quality is on par with the native Sony lineup.  The haptics of the switch is ok. For my personal taste there is no need for this aperture switch on the lens. I think the risk of mistakenly changing the aperture is too high. 

Conclusion: This is exactly the lens I was waiting for. I loved the size and sharpness of the Samyang 35mm 2.8FE, I loved the look of the 35mm 1.4FE. The new lens feels like the perfect mixture of both worlds. One lens for traveling, portrait shooting and street photography.
Well done Samyang! (Can't wait for a 24mm 1.8 :D )

I can provide full resolution sample images if needed. I will give you more detailed feedback after using the lens for a while.
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